Egyptian actress Ayten Welcome to work with an Indian actor

Ayten Amer

We used to always be surprised by her performance and the characters she presents, we used to find a special color for her for every character she presents, you cannot know whether she is Ayten Amer or Samah or Reham with every color she presents she feels sympathy sometimes and sometimes disgusts, directors cannot limit her to comedy or tragic and You cannot classify her as only good at presenting the roles of the soft girl, funky girl , the girl of the country, or even not believing that Ayten is different from all the characters she presents, only she brings the spirit of the character to dress her and is affected with it.Ayten is an artist who is not only talented, but also an academic. She is also satiated and fed from the art that runs through her veins because she is the sister of the artist Wafaa Amer, and although her sister is in the artistic field, Rather, Ayten depends on herself and her talent, and does not depend at all on her sister or even the husband of her sister, Producer Mohamed Fawzi, despite the fulfillment of Amer by Leighten, she was not a sister to her, but either of us says Ayten always and loyal because they are very connected.And after Ayten embodied this year Reham, the girl who sparked controversy from the first episode and became a talk of social media, the girl who sells her dignity in order to get her love, and despite his admission and his refusal to live with her and the anxiety of life with her, she believes that he will see her love one day!Which provoked provocation, Radwa El-Sherbiny, and commented on the role of Ayten, in a comic manner that she has 25 episodes that she must correct the character’s path through, and the magazine had an interesting conversation with the beautiful and simple as usual, Ayten Amer.

By: Shimaa Rustom

Before we talk about the talk about Reham’s social media , your role in the series “Second Chance”, tell us about your participation in the series “Men’s House,” and do you think there is a crisis in writing comedies today?

There is no crisis in writing comedies today, but the ceiling of the comedy has an audience that has become high due to the influence of scenes with comics and playgrounds all the time through the social media, and there are also censorship restrictions in the drama unlike the social media pages, so you could not laugh at the audience like the social for restrictions Supervisory, and from my point of view in these circumstances, who makes you smile, you must thank him at the time when you need to smile, and my participation with the men of the house was very enjoyable because working with Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni is fun, and I love them and I am one of the fans, and you Simple to work with them.

Ayten Amer

Tell us about the success of the big brother and your distinguished participation with Mohamed Ragab and the existing Kimia among you?

Big Brother exceeded all my expectations, I think that I am fortunate to have done an off-season job and overwhelming success has succeeded, and also I see acceptance of my work in the season, and I love the work with Mohamed Ragab because he is one of the respected and professional stars who are interested in their work, and is far from manufacturing and always deals in nature And the owner, and the work is fun.

Is there a new job for you?

Yes, in the movie cinema, I am offered, but I have not yet made a decision to refuse or accept, because I believe that the coming period should focus on my choice.

Who nominated you for the role of Reham on a second chance?

There was a call from the director and author, they asked me to join the work because they need an actress with special characteristics, and they do not want to risk and tell me that they do not find anyone more than me to trust me to present this character, and indeed when I read the role I found that it is new and I needed to do a work like This is during this period and form, and I prepared and prepared for the role with the director and author Mohamed Sayed Bashir, Adel Morcos and Mustafa Jamal Hashem, and of course I had questions for the author in the psychological dimensions of the character, and after that I prepared with the director and made a file for the character Reham, We determined her psychological dimensions, and we consulted with Dhaka I thought of myself and a discotheque, and they gave us steps to deal with the character from the psychological side,Elhamed’Allah the role came out as you saw it, of course I did not want to perform except for any of the scenes, and I say that it was easy, because each scene of this character was difficult because it is of a special and disturbed psychological nature, so I should have been in full focus in every scene Because I prepared all the scenes for her, it was difficult for me, and I always love working with the Synergy Company because it is a company that cares about its work and takes care of everything it offers, and does not skimp on the series at any cost in favor of its success.

Were you expecting the audience’s reaction to this success and trend, and the entire social network was also full of your viewers? Were you expecting this reaction and what is your comment for the audience’s reaction? And the commotion that occurred in the social media?

In fact, the reaction of the public exceeded all my expectations, and I hope that Allah honors me more than he honored me and that I am at the best of the public’s belief, and offer them different roles that appeal to them.

And what is your comment to the competition in the Ramadan marathon this year?

Ramadan is a year that is different from all previous years.

What are the pros in it, and which one do you feel lacking in it?

I am of the opinion that this year is different, business is less, and many stars are not so lucky to complete their work.

What are your favorite roles?

Any new role I have not played before and is challenging, and it shows my technical abilities more.

This is the first interview with us to get you on Egyindia magazine. It’s the first Indian-Egyptian magazine in Egypt. Also, it is not just that the interview will be Egyptian, but fans are also from many countries because the intervew is translated into two languages. So, can a message be sent to the Indian fans and fans of Indian and Egyptian art from all countries of the world?

India I saw many features of Indian films that we were brought up in from a young age, besides india have a very distinct and international cinema, Bollywood cinema.

We know you are a strong woman. Did you suffer from a weak personality like Reham?

Indeed, people known about me who woman is ​​strong, as you made a great effort to try to love Reham’s character, so that I can believe her because if I had not been well conceived, I would be very artificial, and he did not believe me in my performance, sure ALLAH always sends us other opportunities, he enjoys There are lucky people who can take advantage of these opportunities, and people who cannot do that.

Does love deserve that we sacrifice our dignity sometimes for it?

The sacrifice of love has limits and has standards, and it is not correct to have sacrifices beyond the boundaries. This is completely rejected. The dignity of love exists even if it was not great, but it must exist in the rlationship of love, but Reham trampled on her dignity completely.

The series is called A Second Chance, is it really necessary for every need in our lives that must have a second opportunity, and in those who do not have a second chance?

Any woman after married gives a second, third, and fourth opportunity, but there are conditions for giving opportunities. Treachery has no chances. I, I could not tolerate any form of treachery, but there are women who can tolerate treason, but I do not, because treason is a disease and A betrayed man would prefer Jaen.

Can you do a video with an Indian actor or actress as a kind of artistic exchange between groups?

Of course I can do that, for the sake of technical exchange between those.

An introductory message from you to the Indian audience for the Egyptian actress Ayten Amer, the Egyptian actress, and inviting Egyptian business scenes?

I am an Egyptian actress and mother of two children, and I love my work and love acting and singing and I love life in general and hate lies, and I love joy and happiness.

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