Zain imam: i want visit Egypt soon


the Indian superstar Zain Imam

I hope to see the pyramids and present an Egyptian movie

“Egyindia” represents the culture of Egypt and India and binds their ancient civilization together

Indeed I was from the “Beyhadh 2” team

the Egyptian songs are soothing

to the nervesI consider negative roles a challenge for the artist

I ask my fans support me of All my works

Ek bhram second part not sure.. mist be a rumor

I am lover fan of Tom and Jerry

Zain imam

Zain started his career in 2014 , then he was distinguished with preforming a negative role , and Despite his mastery of the role, the audience loved him, Tashan e ishq on zee tv was the superhit show and then naamkarann was the cherry on the cake being the second most popular show which still trends on twitter.

But Naamkarann is considered as the beginning of writing Zain’s real birth certificate and making his name in the sky of Tollywood stars “Indian Drama

There was a love story between Zain and Art since University and school days as he was participating in the plays and dance competitions there , although he was a Hard working excellent student and he completed his postgraduate in Business administration after graduation . Bur he stopped working at the private sector to complete his artistic dream and to search for a stroke of luck to join the Indian drama stars.

And he is still waiting to achieve his dream to join Bollywood stars
Imam belongs to an Arab-Iranian origins and is from a Muslim family committed to all the Islamic rituals and has a lot of tolerance dealing with other religions.

And that’s how Zain was raised up and maybe that’s one of the reasons for his success , distinction , digging his name in everyone’s heart and proving his talent by doing every character different from the one before it

And he didn’t hesitate to start with a negative role to prove his talent .

To know more details about the “indian star ” Zain Imam

EgyIndia made a special interview with him to know more about him and all of his exclusive news

Special video from. Egyindia to zain
SAll Zain’s show

Interview by : Shimaa Rustom

Shimaa rostom
Interview zain with egyindia

Series of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna , An unusual story of Indian drama do not rely on romance between hero and heroine as we used to Indian drama , Does this challenge you to undertake such an experiment to rely on your talent and prove it more?

i have always craved for challenging roles and this is one of them wherein my character stands for what is right no matter if he has to be a bit rebellious with his father to prove what is right and what id wrong, he stands for his commitment, friendship and family

Describe for us Behind-the-scenes of serial and serial scenes and friends of the close within the series?

behind the scenes are always fun and as an actor i Male it a point to Make sure i let my fans see what goes behind the camera through Instagram as well so as to keep them entertained.

Ek bharm sarvagun sampanna

Did you really offer to participate in beyhadh show Part II with Jennifer Winget?

yes i was offered but commercials and other conditions didnt work out betweeen me and the producers.

Zain & Jenny

Are you still contact with the Naam Karann team?

yeah we keep interacting as and when we get the time or if there is a reunion with our cast and crew


Your participation in the IshaqBaaaz show do not fear that the role of the villain? And tell us about work of team’s ishaq bazz show?

i was offered ishqbaaz from the channel and the producer wanted me only for that grand role.Since i started with negative lead in tashan e ishq in my career and i knew it’s so fun doing it because you are able to play with a negative character more in comparison to positive…i live doing negative roles too and hence i took it up… and afforest it was a great team to work with

Zain in ishaaqbazz

And Are u know now ur show एक bharm Sarvagun Sampanna on MBC? And may be Nam Karan is show on MBC bollywood or not?

yes i know naamkaran is a superhit show on MBC and now sarvagun sampanna is on air too and i just want to thank each and everyone of you for the immense love and support.

Will you accept the invitation of the Indian Embassy and attend the next festival India by the Nile, which was participated by Indian legend Amitabh Bachchan before?

i would love to be a part of the festival if the embassy deems me fit and popular for me to visit Egypt.

Design By:menna Ayman

Did you know that this month established the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in India festival like as india by the nile and named it egypt by the janja?

i am sorry i didnt have an idea about that but now i know.

Aap ek pic salman khan ke dad amean salim khan ke sath tha? Kya onka betch koi reshta hein? you have pic wiz salman’s father … ARE You have close relationship with him?

yes i took that pic with salim saahab on salman sirs birthday, A few years back and thats a great humble family and i just wish i get to work with salman bhaijaaan someday in my career.

Do you know any Arabian mashhour in art, writing or any other field?

I have heard a very nice song by a egyption artist but now i have forgotten which one was it but it was so soothing.

How was Zain’s childhood and what is the most important your games, favorite cartoon films, movies and songs that remind you of your childhood?

I was a notorious child who a majorly into sports and letting girls run behind me hahaha (just kidding) i used to love tom and jerry and popeye.

Last year, you have been to many countries and have been invited which the most country u enjoyed with it? And which the most country u want visit it and why?

Every country i went to be it Vietnam, indonesia, mauritius had its share of beauty and culturally they were all different. I had a great time there and now i can’t wait to visit EGYPT very soon so explore the country too

Have you visited Egypt before and do you want to visit and what places do you want to go to Egypt?

Never visited Egypt but i would love to see the pyramids and mummy’s there and know about the history and see other famous places there.

What do your feeling when you know that there is an Arab Fans supporting you? And what would you like to say them?

i am following a few Arab fan clubs and i have no idea how much they love me and i want to meet each and every 1 of them very soon since i also have an Iranian roots and it feels i am connected to them

If you got to ek chance practice at Egyptian film Do u yah film or not?

though i can’t speak Arabic but i can read it ,however it would be an honor to perform acting in Egyptian channels too, I hope somebody offers me an Egyptian film too so i can entertain the Egyptian fans directly.

What is your comment on the existence of the first Indian-Egyptian magazine in Egypt?

Egyindia is a great initiative to combine two cultures together and let the world know of the work we do and spread awareness of the peace through your magazine

And Is there exclusive news for us and new work for you?

Yes, I have a new series “show” with the Rukstar of Bollywood Aftab Shivdasani, for “zee5 premium”, and his new show is called “poison2″ and its meaning is poison part two and is meant by the venom of the snake as it appears in the work promo, and it is the first experience of it kind to Rukstar of Tollywood” Zain Imam” . Participate with Zain in the show some stars from the southern cinema “Tamil”alsothat the first time does digital work, and that the character he is doing is complicated, not positive or negative, and it is a new challenge for Zain to prove his talent and enjoy his artistic passion and satisfy his artistic desire to provide different and difficult roles, and he is happy to experience working with the director “vishal pandya Also , beside will participate in the tournament the star “poja-chopra”, Raai Lakshmi, Vin Rana, will participate in the tournament, and the series would be shown on April 30th, but now all thing stopped Because of the corona virus.

What message do you want to send to Zain Imam fans? How do you feel when you learned that Adiza fans fights for two years to show the series in the Arab world, and they also got a first trend in the Emirates, by Hashtag #wewantnaamkaraanonmbc?

Even after such a long time we were trending that means we still are in their memories and it means a lot because i can see the loyalty of NK fandom and Adiza fandom and really appreciate them, Much love to the Emiratis.

What is your message to all fans of Zain Imam?

Well to my fans i want to say just don’t fight with each others, and even befriend your enemy coz ultimately i believe in positivity and so does my fans should believe in…. i am always appreciating the people who stay positive and appreciate me in my endeavours,because ultimately i know how difficult is it to survive this competition so just support me in whatever i do.

And the shooting of your show stopped because of the corona?

What is your comment on this global crisis? And when will your series be shown?This pandemic is really serious and we should listen to authorities and take precautions and help each other by not moving out and not being in contact wd each other

Is there a new show for you other than that? And is there really a second part of ek bharm as rumored?

Ek bhram second part i am not sure.. mist be a rumor…but it was a good show with great cast.

Special thanks for Mr: Mohammed Fathi for this painting and the Rukstar zain imam thanks him for it…


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